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One of CUPL lecture series presented by practical experts on hot spots of medical industry and legal business thinking is organized by Law School
TIME: 2020-11-18|CLICKS:

The 2nd in the CUPL lecture series presented by practical expert was held in Research Building, Xueyuan Road Campus. Jia Jianfei, legal practice expert of  Law School of CUPL, member of the Party Committee, assistant president and general manager of legal department of Peking University Medical Industry Group Co. LTD, gave a lecture on the hot spots of medical industry and legal business thinking. Professor Xie Zhiyong, Dean of Institute of Comparative Law, Executive Director of Health Law Research Center of our university, together with Wang Jingyan and Zhang Chuping from Graduate Work Office attended the eventwhich was hosted by Chen Weihou, Director of Graduate Work Office of Law School.



Chen thanked Mrs. Jia and Professor Xie for their coming, pointed out that the lecture series were for cultivating students' practical ability, hoping that students would take this opportunity to improve themselves.



Jia Jianfei centered her lecture on hot spots of medical industry and corporate legal work in this industry. She introduced the duties of legal jobs, emphasized the importance of legal business thinking, and recommended that students should learn to understand industry policies and trends, which would help their career development.


In the Q&A session, Mrs. Jia answered the questions asked by students according to her own work experiences. She offered some career advice at last. Professor Xie also put forward his point. He stressed that the way of thinking, which was specified by analyzing China's health policy and international situation. He encouraged students to study hard, keep updating their knowledge base to contribute to the cause of health in China.


Students have had a deeper understanding of medical industry and legal work, which would be beneficial for those who want to pursue careers in health-related fields.