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                Address by Zhang Jin on the Graduation Ceremony of 2005-Class Undergraduates
                TIME: 2014-09-06|CLICKS:

                Address by Zhang Jin on the Graduation Ceremony of 2005-Class Undergraduates

                In our fancy, graduation has been so far off, yet in a blink we have to depart from each other. Now, what’s left of college life, the happiest hours in life, is but a brilliant tail. At this very moment, various thoughts converge: lofty ideals, longings for the future, and melancholy of separation. Seeing you off, we feel the same as you do.

                Life moves on, and China University of Political Science and Law will remain a platform. On this platform of love, we the faculty of your alma mater are so reluctant to let you leave.

                At first, I wish to offer my congratulations, for you have successfully completed your schooling here. Today is a day of harvest. During four years in CUPL, you have grown from ignorant youths to adulthood; you have systematically learnt legal theory and acquired professional qualities. In the four years, you have won various scholarships and honorable titles; you have persevered and fetched all those sorts of credentials. In the four years, you have got acquainted with your mentors and helpful friends, and some of you have reaped romantic affection. Admittedly, some of you may have pursued love without success, but at least you learnt to sing the song “To Let Go Is Also a Love”.

                Today is a day of expressing gratitude. As teachers, we want to thank you, because it has been so happy to teacher such intelligent students as you. Your diligence and intelligence has given us inexhaustible impetus for constant progress. The long line of borrowed stools down the classroom building is a last resort for you, but a stimulation for us. Taking seats in the classroom vexes you, but touches us deep down. Without you, our life would be so gloomy and lonely.


                Today is also a day of exhortation. As a teacher, as well as a predecessor, I have some exhortations for you. I want you to keep in mind eight words.

                The first is confidence. Faced with global economic crisis, you are destined to encounter more difficulties. As social competition becomes intensified, jobs will become hard to get. Some of you might complain that you have been ill-fated: when you are in elementary school, college is free. However, tide has turned when you are in college—elementary education is free but college education is not. When you are not qualified to work, jobs are apportioned, but when you are, job apportionment has been cancelled. Dear students, the society will not listen to your complaint. You have to brave the difficulties, and you have to improve yourself through constant efforts. So long as you are confident, you are bound to succeed, since you are the best.

                The second is adaptability. In universities, especially universities like CUPL, we advocate contentions between schools of thought. And we are always in contact with significant events and personages. In our discussion, we are free to criticize Confucius and Mencius and appraise Socrates. In our argument, we feel second to none. However, the outer world is not an ivory tower. There, we have to live with daily routines and trifles. There, you may be evaluated by standards like whether you can handle a fax machine with ease, keep your office tidy, or draft acceptable contracts. We can aim high, but we should not deem any trifle below us. Adaptability is the precondition for survival.

                The third is tolerance. The sea gains enormous size because it’s not choosy in accepting water sources. Tolerance is a moral quality and culture. Without tolerance, you can never pool a team. Without tolerance, you will not get recognition.

                The fourth is preparedness. Opportunities are for the prepared. If you want to succeed, you have to be prepared for hardship; if you want to obtain leadership, you have to be prepared for humility; if you want reap, you have to sow; if you want to be happy, you have to harbor love and sympathy; if you want to be listened to, you have to be prepared to listen. My dear students, are you prepared?

                Dear Students, the four years with CUPL will be an important part of your life, and you will look back on it with fond memories. From now on, CUPL is not only a university, but also a homeland, and a homeland to our minds. School of Law will your home there. We will always be by your side, ready to lending a helping hand. Just as the thirsty drinking the water is grateful to the source, successful students should be thankful to their mentors. That is, should you get wealthy and influential in future, do not forget CUPL. When you are rich enough, remember to sponsor your alma mater, especially School of Law, so that your successors will not have to scramble for seats.

                Today, we are seeing you off, along the road paved with our care and concern. Bon voyage. We wish you happiness in life.