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                Research / The Institute for Legislative Studies
                The Institute for Legislative Studies

                The Institute for Legislative Studies in the CUPL (ILS) was established in January 2015, with an aim to promote legislative studies and to enhance the state’s hand in legislative endeavours.

                The ILS now has four members, one with a post-doctoral degree and the other two with doctoral degrees. It comprises members of all ages with high qualifications, including 1 professor, 2 associate professors and 1 assistant professor.

                The ILS is presently responsible for the undergraduate teaching, which includes Legislative Studies, Legal Language, Jurisprudence, and Constitutional Law. The ILS is ready for some new modules, with subjects ranging from Parliamentary Systems, to Chinese and Foreign Legislative Studies etc. The postgraduate modules provided by the ILS include Special Issues in Legislative Studies, while the doctoral programme remains to be materialised.

                Over the past three years, the members of the ILS have published two monographs, one co-edited work, three translated works, and fifteen articles (with one being granted an award). The ILS has organised one forum and four national symposia, and gradually they have developed an approach linking theory with practice, which strengthens both research and practice in this regard.