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                The Institute of Law and Economics (ILE) was established in 2005, and approved by the Ministry of Education as the first institute in China providing doctoral and master training. In 2008 the ILE was rated as Beijing’s key cross-disciplinary base, and in 2014 it passed Beijing’s...
                The CUPL offered a curriculum with respect to the administrative clinic in June 2004, and in order to further improve the teaching in this regard, the CUPL Law School established the Teaching and Research Section for Practice Studies in 2007. The Section was later renamed the Teac...
                The Institute for Legislative Studies in the CUPL (ILS) was established in January 2015, with an aim to promote legislative studies and to enhance the state’s hand in legislative endeavours.The ILS now has four members, one with a post-doctoral degree and the other two with docto...
                Military law emerges and evolves against a backdrop where the Chinese rule of law is in urgent need of a guiding theory. In order to carry out the principle of governing the military according to law, and providing powerful intellectual support to the cause of building up strong a...